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Collaboration: Livid Jeans and Maria Wyller 2021



For LIVID's first show in Oslo, silhouettes drift between slough carelessness, and the remains of the elegant. Maxi-fit silhouettes and diving hemlines act as invitations into harmonious distress. During the process of peering into an unpredictable future, they have sought comfort in our textile and analogue world, choosing soft leathers, regenerated swimwear and light layers to be swept away in. 

All of their materials are responsibly sourced from European and Japanese mills, and all their garments are made in the EU. Their production line is fully transparent. 

This presentation is part of an architectural and spatial experiment where material, human, and machine meet to create adaptive spaces. The installation consists of textile elements formed, joined, and relocated by bespoke, mobile robots controlled by humans. In architecture the quest for the static and permanent has a strong hold on the practice. However, in a world of constant change and impermanence, textiles provide new relevance. Serving properties of the ephemeral, lightweight and deployable, textiles can veil and unveil, illuminate, sharpen or diffuse, act as walls and ceilings, form surfaces or volumes, and influence the light and acoustic of space.

Choreography: Marianne Haugli

Music    Erlend Mokkelbost

Models:  Heartbreak, Idollooks, Team Models

Make-up:   Jeanette Gjerde Olsen / Pudder Agency

Film:    Also Known As

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